Snaps from Collector’s Night

Following a rainy South Florida week, Collector’s Night went off with hardly a drizzle. Indeed, a nice flow of folks stopped by the YoAmo305 gallery throughout the evening to catch a glimpse of Fordistas Pastel and Elian’s new show, Materia Prima

The YoAmo305 gallery door fit right in with the pieces waiting inside. The Argentine artists re-painted the door by combining their signature styles — bold colors and shapes (Elian) and delicate and intricate line work (Pastel). 

Take a look below at some snaps from the evening. image






For an even better look at the exhibition, check out this video:

Be sure to stop by the gallery tomorrow evening, 7/12, during Wynwood Art Walk for the official opening. image

Join us tonight: Materia Prima (Collector’s Night)

It’s Thursday and if you’re looking for something to do, we’ve got just the thing.

Join us during Collector’s Night for an intimate look at Argentine artists Pastel and Elian’s show Materia Prima before the official opening this Saturday during Wynwood Art Walk. 

Gallery doors open at 6pm. 

YoAmo305 Gallery 

2311 NW 2nd Ave

Miami, FL 33127

Behind the scenes: Pastel + Elian present Materia Prima

In Materia Prima (Raw Elements), Argentine-based artists Pastel and Elian explore the true meaning of collaboration by combining their individual aesthetics to tell a larger story.

In the exhibition, Pastel uses symbolism to explore the anthropological variations that have transformed the way humans live in modern societies. Pastel uses symbolic elements like the yucca plant (a basic Paraguayan crop) and arrows that serve as both a subtle reminder and perhaps warning of the consequences of wars and social problems.

Meanwhile, Elian tells another story: one in which the geometric properties of art and the use of black, white and empty space to give new meaning to the background of each piece.  Using primary colors, Elian’s analysis of form prompts the viewer to think rather than feel.

We got a behind-the-scenes sneak peek as Pastel and Elian install their exhibition opening this Saturday, July 12th at 7pm at the YoAmo305 gallery in Wynwood. 

If you can’t make it for Art Walk on Saturday, be sure to stop by during Collector’s Night this Thursday, July 10 for an intimate look at the exhibition:

We’re kinda loving Aakash Nihalani’s latest work of people seemingly skewered by geometric shapes. Just imagine if standing in line at the grocery store was this fun looking.

Follow the artist’s newest work on his blog Eye Scream Sunday.



Aakash Nihalani

(via becausefayesaidso)

I think that [people] have a stereotype about Miami that won’t let them think about it as a cultural hub, but only as a commercial, touristy city. I think there’s a parallel reality that is very far from all these mainstream concepts and Wynwood is a reflection of that. Beyond the real-estate business, I see a lot of creative people that are generating many amazing, positive things. And in the end, Wynwood functions kind of like an airport, like a container for artists who have diverse interests.

- Fordista artist Elian on Miami as an artistic hub